Dakota Lettering is now carrying Cherokee brand nursing scrubs, pants and jackets.  We've put the most popular styles on our web site, but there are many other styles and colors available.  Ask Jan Fisher about group discounts and purchasing programs. 
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We've been helping schools, clubs, basketball boosters, football booster, volleyball boosters and many others raise money for years now.  Along the way, we've picked up some helpful pointers and ideas.  Here are just a couple:

1.  Keep it simple!  The more options people have, the more they'll want.  Limit each fund raiser to a few different items, or if you can find a company that offers several dozen options and they can do it well (candy/popcorn/plant sales come to mind), try it and see how it works.  Otherwise, keep your risk low, by offering a small selection of products.

2.  Inventory?  We don't need no stinkin' inventory!  It might seem tempting to buy those 300 t-shirts for $4 each, but if you only sell 100 of them, you really haven't made any money.  And to make matters worse, you now have to find somewhere to store 4 boxes of t-shirts.  Find a company that will work with you to take the risk of leftover inventory out of the equation.

3.  Know your support group  Sure, your friends will buy almost anything you're selling to help support your cause.  But wouldn't it be great if you could give them something they actually want?  Spend a little time thinking about what you could offer that would be popular with your selling audience.  You'll have a lot better results if you're selling something they want instead of what you think would be cool.

4.  Make it easy for your supporters to buy from you  Everyone's busy today.  So make sure there are as many different ways and times for them to buy from you.  Your slogan should be "Buy a (widget) and support (our sports team) - it's too easy not to do!"

For more tips, suggestions and product ideas, contact Kellie Nienkerk.  She'll make sure your fund raising project will pack a punch.
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